Michael Phelps' Wardrobe Malfunction: Reader Poll

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps showed up to the Bud party (thanks, Anheuser-Busch ) here in Beijing last night wearing a Lacoste shirt and a Lacoste hat.

I wasn't there, but I got a couple calls on it.

I was having a conversation with my friend and we were talking about whether Phelps should be wearing the shirt only of his sponsors during every single appearance at the Olympics. Yes, even during a social appearance.

He agreed with me that Phelps should either go brandless or be honoring the Visas and the Speedos of the world. There is a fine line however. Some might argue that the sponsors themselves might not want to be associated with sponsoring Phelps' party appearances, but they've invested in the guy anyway.

The choice of shirt brand is interesting, given a wardrobe malfunction that happened three years ago. Andy Roddick, who was then sponsored by Reebok*, showed up to the Ocean Drive Nasdaq-100 party in Miami wearing a Lacoste shirt. When he realized there were TV cameras there, he put a band-aid over the crocodile.
*(now owned by Adidas)

A month later, Roddick signed with Lacoste, leaving people to wonder whether a deal was really done the month before. Is Phelps interested in doing a deal with the French brand? Or did he merely pick something out of his suitcase?

Take the poll: Tell me whether you think you agree with me on Phelps' choice of shirt and hat.

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