Confessions of a Mortgage Industry Insider

You think of mortgage brokers as the people who are supposed to find you the best loan, the best rate and the best overall deal on your new home. Think again.

Jeff Corbett, a mortgage industry insider during the heyday of the housing market, joined Carmen on Wednesday’s show to reveal the most egregious tricks of this now beleaguered industry.

Many of the big mortgage players played a “misdirected shell game” with consumers before the market imploded, Corbett said. One common trick was the “bait and switch,” a ploy Corbett himself admits he took part in. Brokers would quote customers the lowest rate available as the “bait,” then collect information and draw them into the process only to disclose later the exact rate they qualify for, "the switch," which was often hugely disparate.

Finally, steer clear of the “bank special.” Brokers are often given special kickbacks for selling certain mortgages a bank is pushing that month, which they will in turn try to sell to their customers, even if the rate is higher than what they originally qualified for.

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