Analysts Upbeat on Back-To-School Stocks

Trace Urdan, managing director at Signal Hill, and Dana Telsey, founder and retail analyst at Telsey Advisory Group, said that despite the slowdown in most back-to-school stocks, some sectors are looking bullish.

Back to school
Back to school

Urdan was optimistic about the post-secondary education sector, while Telsey liked the retail stocks.

Urdan recommends:

Corinthian Colleges

Capella Education Company

American Public Education

“The irony is that when the economy is tough, people look to go back to school to upgrade their skills or complete their BAs,” he said. “So stocks in the post-secondary sector typically do very well when the economy is suffering -– we’re starting to see that now in terms of enrollment.”

Telsey recommends:


“We think that Wal-Mart’s value message is resonating well with shoppers and it will continue to do well as we head towards the holiday season,” she said. “They’re going to keep gaining share of the consumer traffic that is out there.”


Disclosure information for Trace Urdan or Dana Telsey was not immediately available.