Bratz War: Mattel's CEO Speaks Out


During a lunch break in Mattel's lawsuit over the Bratz dolls, Mattel CEO Bob Eckert spoke exclusively with CNBC. Here are the highlights.

As Mattel's attorneys argue the company is due billions in compensatory and punitive damages from Bratz parent MGA Entertainment and its CEO, Eckert told me, "This is about a lot more than money. This is about a principle, the principle that one shouldn't be able to benefit from wrongdoing."

I asked him what happens to Bratz after the case ends? MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian insists he owns the Bratz name. Does Mattel try to make the dolls? Buy the name? "We really don't know until the case is over, what the ramifications are," Eckert said.

Isaac Larian told us earlier he feels "violated" by this lawsuit, which has the potential to ruin him.

When I asked Eckert for a response, he replied, "I'm concerned about how Mattel employees feel, the fact that someone aided and abetted in the taking of our intellectual property...They've been wronged. How do Mattel shareholders feel? They've been wronged, and I'm confident that this jury can make things right."

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