Today's Top Videos: Bill Gross, 'Green' Engines & More...

The "bond kings" gather to comment on the credit crunch while the CEO of BorgWarner says his company has come up with a technology that improves fuel efficiency and lowers emissions for automobiles. Following are today's top videos:

Bond Kings on the Credit Crunch

“There’s still a lot of money to be lost out there. No one really knows—Fannie doesn’t know, Freddie doesn’t know, the treasury doesn’t know, and we don’t know. But if housing prices go down another 10 or 15 percent—which is what were expecting—then there’s undoubtedly going to be a significant amount of losses, in the hundreds of billions…”

--Bill Gross, Founder & CIO, PIMCO

NY State's Economic Emergency

“Our estimates are currently at 20 percent, down from 10 percent, and we have reassessed capital gain losses from 16 to 24 percent. My personal fear is that Wall Street bonuses may be down 30 to 40 percent and capital gains down 35 to 40 percent. If that’s the case, what I asked the legislature to do after I close this year’s budget gap, is to come back and add more money to it. So we’re now at about $1.1 billion dollars that we have been able to save incase we have further deficits in Wall Street’s revenues, which make up 20 percent of New York’s revenues.”

--David Patterson, Governor, New York

Turbocharging the Auto Industry

“We have technology that improves fuel efficiency and lowers emissions at the same time, whether it’s engine technology, turbo chargers which allow you to downsize the engines, or new transmission technology which we call a “duel-clutch technology” that has taken off in Europe and will surely come into the United States and to China.”

--Tim Manganello, CEO, BorgWarner

Executive Decision: WMI

“When we look at the combination of these two companies, [Waste Management and Republic ], we’ve got the best assets and the best people in the business. Republic has great assets, great people -- we think that when you combine the two companies together, we can leverage those great assets, to create two strong companies merging together. We’ve said that we’re going to stay price-disciplined, we said that from day one and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

--David Steiner, CEO, Waste Management

Maria's Market Message

“The weekly jobless claims report and retail earnings from Aeropostale and Gap could set the tone for trading on Thursday, but it was concerns over the nation’s two mortgage giants headlining the markets on Wednesday. Shares of the two government sponsored entities falling to their lowest levels in nearly two decades on increasing speculation the government will bail them out, and wipe out holdings of existing shareholders.”

--Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, CNBC’s Closing Bell