Sports Illustrated Cover Statistics

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps

This week's Sports Illustrated is Michael Phelps' fourth appearance on the cover. For those that are interested, here are the people that have made the most appearances on the cover of the publication.

For the record, I have every cover with Michael Jordan on it. I'm also surprised that Tiger hasn't hit the 20-cover mark twelve years into his career, but I think that since the 1990s, the magazine has clearly varied its cover subjects more than it used to.

1. Michael Jordan -- 49 times

2. Muhammad Ali -- 37 times

3. Magic Johnson -- 23 times

T4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar -- 22 times

T4. Jack Nicklaus -- 22 times

6. Tiger Woods -- 18 times

7. Larry Bird -- 17 times

8. Pete Rose -- 16 times

9. Mike Tyson -- 15 times

T10. Arnold Palmer -- 14 times

T10. Shaquille O'Neal -- 14 times

T10. Bill Walton -- 14 times

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