Are You a Risk Taker? Take The Test!

Developed By Mel Robbins

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Do you have what it takes to make it? Let’s find out:

Write down the letter of the answer you select on a piece of paper for scoring!

1. You are driving to meet some friends. You’re running late. The traffic light ahead turns yellow. You:

a. Always stop at yellow no matter what.

b. Break and stop at the light. You’re late anyway, right?

c. You blow through that sucker!

2. Your friend gives you a tip. She heard this stock is gonna go through the roof in the next week. You:

a. Hear this stuff all the time, know it’s not true and ignore her.

b. Nod, squint your eyes, log onto E*Trade and invest a grand.

c. Take 5k of that money you had for a rainy day and invest.

3. You are a really cool cocktail party. Your spouse is home. You see this seriously smoking hottie across the room. You:

a. Look at your wedding ring, order yourself another drink and continue on with your conversation.

b. Envision a plan where if the stars aligned and you were both at the bar at the same time you would definitely have something to talk about. [+2]

c. Immediately excuse yourself and head across the room.

4. You’re with a friend in Thailand. You walk into this interesting tent. In the center is a cobra in a cage. People are queued up to pay ten dollars for a chance to grab the five one-hundred dollar bills on top of the snake's cage. You:

a. Leave.

b. Stick around to see the free show.

c. Exclaim, “Heck, I’ve got ten bucks!” And get in line.

5. You’re sitting next to this old man on the airplane. It’s obvious he hasn’t showered and he sleeps through the beverage service. When he wakes up he starts talking to you, his ramblings culminate with him explaining how he can help your business. You:

a. Thank him politely and inside your head you can’t wait for the plane to land.

b. Give him your business card and ask for his, knowing full well this guy is full of crap.

c. You try to find a polite way to tell him his body odor offends.

6. It’s the dreaded annual company Christmas party. The COO is a little enebriated and asks if anyone else would like to get up to attest to the company’s good fortune. You:

a. Put your head down in shame.

b. Chuckle with most of the crowd.

c. Realize this is your time to shine and head up to the front.

7. You’ve spent time researching the perfect part of town to buy a rental property. You think you have all your bases covered, but investing in this property will definitely put you and your family out there. You:

a. Decide it’s better to wait until you have more of a cushion.

b. Buy the property and hope for the best.

c. Are so convinced the deal is so good, you buy two. The other with money from a 2nd mortgage on your home.

8. Today is your birthday and you are on vacation in the Bahamas to celebrate. Everyone has been drinking and the gang decides it’s the perfect time to rent mopeds from the front desk and go bungee jumping. You:

a. Tell your friends you’ll greet them when they get back.

b. Go to the front desk and hire a car and recommendations on the best places to drink in town.

c. Are the first one tethered to the cord.

Click ahead to score yourself!

For every answer A, award yourself 1 point
For every answer B, award yourself 2 points
For every answer C, award yourself 3 points

So, what kind of risk taker are you? Well, if you scored from

8 – 10 Death warmed over. Check your pulse. Are you even alive? What are you doing with your life? I can’t believe you even risked taking this quiz.

11 – 13 Nervous Nelly. Come on, Nelly it’s time for you step it up. You want to be more adventurous, and I can see you are trying. Try a little harder.

14 – 16 Risk Master General. Nice. You know how to balance risk with reward. This is exactly where you want to be. You know how to have a good time and you will be very successful.

17 – 19 You’re the Pusher. You like to push the envelope. That’s great, I just warn you to be careful. Scale it back from time to time. Risk is not its own reward.

20+ Email me now at . You have serious issues and you should seek professional help. If you haven’t crashed and burned yet, you will soon.