Kim Bishop - Bridging The Gap

By Kim Bishop

Vice Chairman,

Slayton Search Partners


Today we talked about “bridging the gap” and here are a few reminders of how to do that.

1. Pull down some job descriptions for the kind of job you are seeking.

2. Determine where your past experiences can be leveraged for the types of responsibilities in those descriptions.

3. Talk about those things in the interview – not only past job titles and industries. Be prepared with stories.

4. Begin getting some type of experiences in that field of work - perhaps via volunteer work.

5. Don’t apologize for the fact that you are new to the industry. If you have the skills, you can get the job!

We also discussed the actual resume. And, while that is not what will get you the job, it can help get the interview. And the BIGGEST tip on resumes – QUANTIFY your experiences. Give the number of relationships, the sales numbers, the number of individuals you managed, how much money you saved the company. The list could be endless in this area, and yet, so many job seekers fail to quantify their accomplishments. So, pull out your resume and take a look and see if you have really, really quantified your success.

Career changes take time and are more complex than job changes. So plan ahead, and good luck with your search.

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