Pizza Delivery Is Guaranteed Again

Since there is plenty of sports business going on here in Beijing, I've tried to keep the cultural posts to a minimum, but before I leave here I have to tell you one major thing: Domino's delivery here is 30 minutes or less -- guaranteed.


Domino's ended their 30 minute guarantee in the United States as a result of two car accidents, one killing a 41-year-old woman in Illinois in 1992, the other injuring a 49-year-old woman in St. Louis in 1993. The St. Louis accident resulted in $78 million in punitive damages that was reportedly reduced to $15 million.

This year, Domino's started advertising its 30 minute delivery again, but there's really no guarantee. What I've since learned is that all over the world, including here in China where the guarantee is written on the box, Domino's franchises still honor the half hour or it's free guarantee.

I tested it. The pizzas arrived within the allowed time period. Unfortunately one of the cheese pies I thought I was getting had a crab stick and corn topping. I'm not joking.

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