Making Cash in Asian Banks

The Asian banking sector is the place to put your money at the moment, two fund managers told CNBC Friday.

Minho Roth, co-founder and fund manager of FiveT Capital is bullish on well-capitalized banks like commercial Korean bank, Kookmin.

"I'd typically stay away from the banks in Hong Kong and the banks in Korea, with one exception, and that's Kookmin Bank. They are doing a huge buyback right now," Roth said on "Worldwide Exchange."

He also likes Singapore banks like Oversea-Chinese Banking (OCBC) and UOB-Kay Hian (UOB Kay Hian).

"They have really stable balance sheets, really well run," Roth said.

Australian bank Westpac and Japan's Mizuho Financial Group are also good buys, according to Roth.

Georg Grodzki, head of credit research at Legal & General Investment Management, is a fan of Chinese banks.

"They are much better positioned than we would have thought possibly two years ago, and certainly than the Western banks," he said.

Chinese banks do not depend on securitization to fund their loans and they have not invested in a big way in structured instruments, which now need to be written down, according to Grodzki.

Globally, Grodzki expects another six months of volatility in the banking sector as third-quarter earnings loom and more writedowns are anticipated.

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"We will see a banking system with fewer player, definitely far fewer, smaller players as well, and a banking system which will be ever more tightly regulated," he said.