Take Our Credit Compatibility Quiz

In the land of 'happily ever after', money-talk wasn't much of an issue, but these days, money arguments rank number one in relationship battles. It doesn't have to be that way. From the first date, to before you head down the aisle, to your 20 anniversary, talking about money and acting as partners in money as well as partners in love is a priceless advantage.

Our On the Money contributor, John Ulzheimer of Credit.com, has created a questionnaire to get the conversation started to see just how financially compatible you are as a couple. Remember--you can have different answers to each question and still be a great match. It's about what you do with those answers, how you manage them together and communicate that matters. Let's talk love & money --Carmen

1. Are you currently:
(a) Single, never married or currently not in a relationship
(b) Married
(c) Divorced
(d) Dating or engaged and never married

2. Gender:
(a) Female
(b) Male

3. How important is saving money to you?
(a) Not at all important
(b) It matters but it’s not a priority
(c) I know I should save more
(d) Very important, I try to save as much as possible

4. What is your annual income?
(a) <$50,000
(b) $50,001-$100,000
(c) $100,001 - $150,000
(d) >$150,000

5. How much credit card debt do you currently have?
(a) $0 – I pay my card/s off every month
(b) Less than $2,500
(c) Between $2,500 and $10,000
(d) More than $10,000

6. How much non-credit card debt do you have? (Student loan, Auto loan, Mortgage, other)
(a) $0 – I have no non-credit card debt
(b) Up to $50,000
(c) Between $50,000 and $250,000
(d) Greater than $250,000

7. Estimate your net worth (all savings and value of investments/assets minus the amount of your debts/liabilities)?
(a) I’m upside-down (I owe more than I’m worth)
(b) My net worth is between $0 and $100,000
(c) My net worth is more than $100,000
(d) My net worth is more than $500,000

What are your financial goals?

8. How are your credit reports/credit scores? (Don’t know? Estimate your credit score here and return to this question)
(a) Very Bad (below 600)
(b) Bad (600 to 680)
(c) Good (680-740)
(d) Excellent (740+)

9. Is your credit score important to you?
(a) Not at all important
(b) It matters but it’s not a priority
(c) I realize it’s important and I’m going to make it a priority
(d) Very important, I am all over my credit scores

10. Describe your upbringing:
(a) My family was fairly well off
(b) My family was middle class but we never struggled with money
(c) My family struggled with money
(d) We were poor and had a hard time making ends meet

11. Describe which spousal financial scenario would be of the greatest concern for you:
(a) He or she wasted money and was buried in debt
(b) He or she spent money freely but not enough to get buried in debt
(c) He or she was willing to spend money freely and break about even each month
(d) He or she was too stingy and constantly wanted to save money but not spend it

12. How would you pay for an upcoming vacation:
(a) Put it on my credit cards and worry about the debt later
(b) Put it on my credit cards and pay it off as soon as possible
(c) Use money from my savings to pay for it
(d) Save money for a couple months and then go on vacation and pay for it without going into debt

13. How would you describe your financial goals:
(a) I want to be wealthy and eventually never have to worry about money
(b) I want to be fairly well off but I don’t need to be a millionaire to be happy
(c) I want to use my money for fun now, rather than save it for later
(d) I don't really have financial goals. I’ll figure it out later

14. Describe your shopping/purchasing behavior:
(a) I shop a lot and I make impulse purchases
(b) I shop and sometimes I spend more than I planned
(c) I shop but I’ll use coupons and looks for sales and bargains
(d) I’m militant about getting the most for my dollar. If it’s not on sale I won’t buy it

Do you pay your bills on time?

15. When it comes to buying a house…(please choose the one that best describes you)
(a) I have no interest in taking on the responsibility of managing a household or dealing with mortgages and taxes. I’d rather rent.
(b) I would like to buy a house but probably won’t until I can make the finances work.
(c) I intend on buying a house as soon as I can
(d) I have already bought a house (or am currently paying for one)

16. When it comes to buying a car…(please choose the one that best describes you)
(a) I’m the type of person who will drive a car until the wheels fall off. Only then will I spend the money on another car
(b) I buy only used cars
(c) I buy only new cars
(d) I only lease so I can get a new car every few years

17. When it comes to carrying debt…(please choose the one that best describes you)
(a) I have no problem owing other people money. Everyone does it so why shouldn’t I?
(b) I don’t mind being in debt as long as it’s not what I would consider excessive
(c) I only finance things that I can’t pay for with cash…like a house or a car
(d) I only finance houses because the interest is tax deductible. Everything else I pay for with cash unless it’s impossible to do so

18. When it comes to paying your bills on time…(please choose the one that best describes you)
(a) They’ll get their money when they get it
(b) I know I should pay all of my bills on time but sometimes I do let them slide
(c) I try very hard to pay all of my bills on time. You can count the number of times I’ve been late on one hand
(d) I have never EVER missed any payments

19. When it comes to lending family or friends money…(please choose the one that best describes you)
(a) What’s mine is theirs, including my money
(b) I’d do it but I’d make it clear that I expect to be repaid
(c) I’ve done it before and I won’t do it again
(d) Never or only in the event of a real emergency

20. When it comes to going into business with family or friends…(please choose the one that best describes you)
(a) Sure, why not?
(b) It would have to make good business sense
(c) I probably wouldn’t go into business with family or friends unless there was simply no other alternative
(d) Never, ever, never