4-Star Mid-Cap Stocks

Let others go after the extremes -- corporate giants and the small fry. RidgeWorth's Don Wordell is a mid-cap manager, and his four-star RidgeWorth Mid-Cap Value Fund is up an average of 12.14 percent per year over the last five years.

"We think mid-caps give you the information opportunity of small-cap investing with the liquidity of large caps," he told CNBC.

So what designates a mid-cap company? Wordell says that changes from year to year.

"It's a moving target, but most mid-cap managers stay between the 1-to-15 billion-dollar market-cap range," he explained.

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His first pick is Mattel.

"There's some really strong catalysts there," he said. "On the revenue side, the catalysts are going to come from new products like Elmo Live and Dark Knight, (and) we're getting some of the lawsuits behind us, and so the legal costs will go down, and so we think the cash flow's going to be great."

He also likes regional bank National City.

"National City's got the most defensible capital position of all the regional banks," he said. "They have a billion dollars in Visa gains off-balance sheet that they can bring back on, that they can sell for capital."

He's actually encouraged by the stock's 81 percent loss year-to-date: "That's why we love it. It's a value stock."

Also on his list, Darden Restaurants, although several rival restaurant chains have been closing stores.

"Let [the others] go out of business," Wordell said. "That's more people that are going to go to Darden; Darden is the best-in-class operator."




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