Sorry About the Racy Dating Ads

Dear Readers,

Sorry about the racy dating ads we've had on our site lately.

You know ... the ones showing women unbuttoning sweaters and listing mileage to ladies looking for a date. And the others showing come-hither countenances and blaring "NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED." ("What?" chimed one of our reporters, "you just leave it on the dresser?")

These ads aren't exactly porn, but they cross the business journalism decorum code, I believe.

How could ads we don't approve of get on our site? Welcome to the Internet world of networks, where inventory is sold off to middlemen who represent a variety of advertisers. You get all sorts of strange ads running through. We had ones for nipple pads once. You wouldn't usually expect that with your bond rates, would you?

Now we aren't prudes at Heck, we put up swimsuit slideshows that ... well, show some edgy fashion (and some of you objected). But readers choose to go or not to go into a slideshow. Racy ads are just thrust upon them.

We're in the process of getting them down. Again, sorry.

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