Test: Are You Ready To Reinvent Yourself?

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Are You Ready to Reinvent Yourself?


So you're starting your own business. Reinvention isn't about the choices you make, it's about how you approach the decisions you make. Mel's kids, Mel's life, Mel's methodology is about going with your gut and taking that chance to connect with more people and raise your standing socially or in business.

But it really isn't about business at all. It's an understanding that it's about how you approach life. I say all that to try to trick myself into thinking of something along the lines you are looking for.

1. You've always wanted to open your own restaurant. You get fired from your corporate job. Your spouse wants to get a job because there is not enough money in savings. You:

A. Realize it's now or never and take out a 2nd mortgage, find a partner and start making pizza.

B. Get a job as a marketing consultant for a large chain. You will get paid to learn about your passion.

2. It’s your sophomore year of high school. You hear that everyone, everyone cool that is, is going spelunking. You have no idea what that is. You:

A. Find out it has to do with climbing through caves and even though it freaks you out, you figure out how to get involved.

B. Decide you’ll start your own after school event. Something cooler and something you’ll be great at.

3. You're enrolling in college. Your parents are paying and insist your education have a solid foundation and that you major in business. You:

A. Figure out how to explain to them that a Liberal Arts degree is just fine, they already had their shot and now's yours. If they didn't want to pay for it fine, but they'll have to live with the guilt.

B. Dislike business classes, but they are pulling the purse strings and it would be smart to be prepared for the job market after college.

4. After college, you wanted to work in environmental law. So you apply to the best environmental law school. On the first day of classes, you hate everything about the school and within 10 minutes of arriving:

A. You repack your car and drive off.

B. Stick with it. You can always transfer if things really don’t pan out.

5. You wake up one morning and say to yourself, "I’m completely through with being an attorney!"

A. You start to network like crazy and parlay a hobby-like interest in self-help into a brand defining job as Director of Content at a company which will later become the leader in online quizzes.

B. You sit down and immediately make a detailed plan how you will segue out of law in the next three years leveraging your existing corporate contacts.

6. You hire a life coach to help you stay on track writing a novel about your crazy relatives.

A. You decide this life coaching thing is kinda cool – ditch the novel and pursue coaching instead.

B. You complete a first draft of your novel and thank the coach for his help and focus on getting it published.

7. Now you’re out and about at parties marketing yourself as a Life Coach. A guy asks you if you can help him get organized now that he’s running a brokerage firm.

A. You say, "sure," hoping he’ll never find out that I don’t know the first thing about life coaching or Wall Street.

B. Take his card that day and within six months you’re fully ready to turn his company around, which you do, of course, with flying colors.

8. Next you’re an established corporate and career coach. If you can produce a talk show live every day from 9 to 10am with no training for no salary and without a staff, you can have a show on Sirius Satellite Radio.

A. You call your spouse and explain you're about to re-invent yourself into the host of a call in advice radio show, starting Monday.

B. You realize this is your wake-up call and get a media and vocal coach and you're ready to hit the airwaves in little as four months.

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Score +1 for every A. Score +2 for every B.

8 – 10 You know exactly what Mel would do. You know that in order to re-invent yourself you need to lean into life. That means when life gives you lemons, you sell the lemonade. And if you hate lemonade, you drink the damn water! Welcome to my ‘go with your gut’ club. (If you want to hear my daily radio show just click here - its streams live on line and is syndicated nationally on Terrestrial Radio.)

11 + Sorry to tell you, but you aren’t ready yet. You have to be ready when things are thrown at you. When you stop saying, ‘yes’ things stop coming your way and you’re in a rut. Want out of that rut. I can help. Just shoot me an email and I’ll have you on my radio show and I’ll coach you out of it –right now. Do it right now. One email and I will help you re-invent the rest of your life: radio@melrobbins.com

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