Stock Picker: Infrastructure Will Prevail

A rising U.S. dollar and rising interest rates in emerging markets aren't scaring George Greig away from his global infrastructure plays.

Greig's 4-star William Blair International Growth Fund is up an average of 14.61 percent per year over the last five years.

"The global growth drivers in this cycle really are investment in infrastructure, capital capacity, industrialization and resources," he told CNBC.


So which stocks does he specificially choose?

"Some of the larger stocks that I think are exposed to these themes are companies like Vestas Wind Systems -- we have a pretty significant weight in alternative energy generally, and in wind energy in particular -- Veolia Environment , one of those companies that's been hurt by the strong currency, now looking at a tailwind, very big global player in water and waste."

"And, of course, ABB, the primary supplier of electrical power infrastructure around the world, about half of their revenues coming from emerging markets," he said.

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Disclosure information for George Greig was not immediately available.