Small-Cap Stock Picks: Underwear & Sunshine

Nancy Tooke argues that investors can find big things in small-cap stocks, and she has a couple of names she thinks will bear that out. Her four-star Eaton Vance Special Equity Fund is up an average of 16.02 percent per year over the last three years, and even shows a 3.05 percent appreciation year-to-date.


Her first pick is Gildan Activewear.

"At this particular point, while the customer is cutting back, the customer is buying necessities, and Gildan actually sells underwear," Tooke told CNBC. "No soccer mom in the United States is going to send her kids out on the soccer field with holey socks."

She sees other pluses in Gildan as well.

"This is a very well-managed company, and it has been a high-growth company in the past," she said.

She also likes solar-energy company Renesola.

"We have been looking for ideas in the alternative-energy space," she said. "It seems that regardless of who wins the presidential election, that's going to be an area of emphasis in both platforms, and Renesola is a cheap stock in a very good neighborhood."


Disclosure information for Nancy Tooke was not immediately available.