Medical Stock Picks from Alabama U.

You're never too young to pick stocks, and 21-year-old Laura Bordelon is living -- and investing -- proof. She's portfolio manager of the Green and Gold Fund, although she's just started her senior year at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

"It's very exciting to be investing real money while we're still students," Bordelon told CNBC. "We have about $400,000 right now."


So which stocks fire her enthusiasm?

"We like Zimmer Holdings," she said. "It's a leading orthopedic company; they are the leading provider of hip and knee replacements worldwide, and we think they're in a great position to take advantage of the U.S. demographic right now, with all the Baby Boomers reaching retirement age."

That's not the only health-care company on her list.

"We also like Sanofi Aventis," she said. "They have a very promising pipeline right now, and they've also aggressively been paying down debt, which offers them good opportunity to acquire some other companies."

Also among her picks is Canon.

"We think they have a really strong management team; their good brand name will protect them from some of their competitors; and they also have a healthy balance sheet, with low debt and high margins," she said.


Disclosure information for Laura Bordelon was not immediately available.