Picking Stocks Against the Tide

David Sowerby says investors make the most money when they run against the herd. The chief market analyst of Loomis Sayles says people are gloomy right now -- and that's his buy signal.

"There's some opportunities that are wonderful off these July 15 lows in the market," he told CNBC. "We've seen that those subprime-infected stocks that did not rally off the 'fake' March 10 lows, they have started to move up."


Who's he talking about?

"Names like Pulte (Homes), which I think is the highest-quality homebuilder; Gap, on the retail side, which had a 4 percent margin expansion in their most recent quarter; Monroe Muffler, not a large-cap name, but I think there's wonderful opportunities in small- and mid-cap names, good, consitent cash flow generator," he said.


Disclosure information for David Sowerby was not immediately available.