Much Ado About Racy Dating Ads

Most of you seem to think we made the right move by removing a set of racy dating ads running on our Web site. Some of you even appreciated my apology.

Thanks for removing those ads. They were a bit odd to say the least, your readers appreciate it. — Greg

Thank You for taking care of it. I have as my default page and don't always know if my granddaughter will be in the room when I open it. — Paul

I view at the office and once I see such ads I am forced to close my window due to the fact that some of (them) are simply too inappropriate for the office environment. — Tommy

Those ads were funny. I too was wondering about the "no credit card required" part. — Chuck

Thank you for the apology. Can certainly find the racy stuff elsewhere if wanted; looking for good financial stuff at this site. — Mark

Thank you very much for clarifying this. I was asking myself what the heck was going on. These ads are a bit jarring to middle aged ladies like myself. — Maryse

Nice to get some pats on the back every once in a while. Of course, a few of you raised some critical points ...

You blame 3rd party internet content people for the gaff. In doing so, you feed into what I see as Americas's tendency never to take any respoisbility for anything. — Bill

I commend you for your sincerity and for taking the Racy ads down. I do not commend your Swimsuit slideshows, they do not belong on this kind of site. — Santiago

Of course, the frat house contingent didn't like the move.

If you stop them I will never look at the website again!! It was awesome. — Rob

Give me a break. Do people really have such thin skin? — Phil

I love racy ads. In Europe and many other regions of the world, there is full nudity on the airwaves. Yet, here in America, some people get upset about "racy ads" or exposed breasts. — Andy

It's better than looking at another photo of Cramer. — John

America is too prudish. Anything that allows you to maintain the web site without cost to me is fine. The only thing that bothers me is the girls on the dating sites are not the ones in the ads. — John G.

And, per usual, someone took a shot at my stereotypical managing editor image ...

It's really really hard to take your apology as sincere when you've got a big photo of yourself chompin' on a cigar and lookin' all smug. — Chris

Like Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And sometimes an ad is just a little bit more.