Lightning Round: Verizon, Google, Cisco and More

Terra Nitrogen : Cramer doesn’t like the fertilizer group right now. Sell, sell, sell, he said.

Emerson Electric : “The market is wrong,” Cramer said. “Emerson’s a better company” than you’d think given the share price. He said EMR is a buy.

Ambac Financial : Cramer doesn’t like the “opaque” financials of Ambac and peer MBIA . The stocks are going up, but he’s not sure why, he said. He believes they both need to raise capital. “I don’t trust them, and I don’t want to be in Ambac or MBI.”

Cisco System : “I like Cisco,” Cramer said. The company’s putting its large cash reserves to work through acquisitions.

GrafTech International : This stock’s too cheap, Cramer said. “I think you should own it.”

Verizon Communications : Verizon’s a longer-term play, Cramer said. Cable stocks may be favored right now, but telecoms will return. AT&T, too.

Google : Cramer called GOOG a “caged tiger,” saying he thinks the stock goes to $500 or higher after Labor Day.

Acco Brands : “I don’t want to be in office products.”

Cummins : This is one of the cyclical stocks you have to ride through this recession, Cramer said. He thinks it will have a great 2009 and an even better 2010.

Jim's charitable trust owns Cisco.

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