Vegas, Dirty Tickers & Cougars: Your E-Mails


The emails are coming in over my Las Vegas reports.

First, proof that if you want to know what's going on, ask a cabbie. Ron D. did.

"I just came back from there and it seemed pretty busy for the summer. Trump’s residential place, I heard from a cab driver, is not going well. Looks like over capacity to me with City Center being built and another from Hilton down the road."

I earlier asked "Elvis" what was happening economically, but Sam G. suggests others to talk to:

"You should talk to the dealers at a bunch of places. Will CNBC stake you so can talk to the different dealers while playing? I would also ask the spa attendants and the people at the restaurants how the average ticket is doing. Show attendance too while you are at it... Personally I have never figured out who shops there. It's like begging to pay retail."
(Note from Jane: No, they won't "stake" me.)

Steve had some excellent questions I should have asked MGM Mirage CEO Terry Lanni...wish I'd seen them beforehand! Proof that readers are often better reporters:

"In a recent interview on Fast Money, Mr. Lanni stated that 35-55% (check the tape for exact number) of the occupants during the second quarter staying at Bellagio were British or Europeans. His reasoning was the weak dollar relative to the pound and Euro and a strong economy overseas.

"Now the dollar is strengthening against both, and the economy softening in Europe, are there any signs of traffic slowing from the region? If so, how does this affect their outlook in future quarters?"

J. just hates me: (spacing is his/hers)

"Come on Jane...
Regarding MGM, you needed to ask Lanni some tough follow up questions...
No one has canceled a contract yet???
Now, let's think about this, Jane. Could it be that no one has canceled a contract because they would lose their deposit if they did so?
Moreover, the units are not done yet. Therefore,
the time to make the decision to cancel has not yet arrived....
Regarding Allure, hell, that salesperson couldn't even keep a straight face...
And you did nothing...
And you aired it...
Your reporting was awful...
So awful in fact it draws your motivation into question. Bottom line, someone is probably going to get hurt because they bought the bologna you were selling today. Once again, I thought you were smarter than that. Clearly you are not!!!"

'Adult' Tickers

Finally. Jeff J. responds to my blog about the return of the old Bear Stearns stock symbol, BSC, and provides a link to some truly PG-13 ticker symbols!:

"Thanks for warning us about BSC ticker. Will CFC come back too? Then there are these blush-inducing stock picks – "


Jeff also weighs in on last week's "Cougar" blog, as some women are trying to come up with a more flattering term to describe older women dating younger men (check out the link to the Egyptian story!):

"Food for thought:

'Tora' – Japanese for 'tiger' and play on Spanish 'seductora' (who’s going to argue with a tiger? Not me.)

'Aphrodiva' / 'Aphrodia'/ other tribute to Aphrodite and her seduction of Adonis...

'Luxor' / 'Luxoran' – capture famous Egyptian city / allure + this marital trend –

'Fenghuang', aka Chinese Phoenix – originally two eternal birds but now considered feminine and is paired with male dragon for yin/yang thingy.

'Godiva'– no direct link, non-sequitur, but use it anyway!

'Robin' – a softer tribute to Mrs. Robinson, the original Desperate Housewife."

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