The Rebirth of Consignment Shops

When you think of consignment shops, you probably imagine second-hand shoes, tattered jackets and prom dressed from the ‘80s. But with times as tight as they are, consignment shops have taken on a whole new relevance for people looking for creative ways to pay the bills.

The consignment industry is growing 5% a year, and if you’ve been to one lately you’ve seen why. The merchandise is chock full of the same designer labels you find at high-end department stores, only for much less. For buyers, the obvious benefit is getting those labels on the cheap. For sellers, the upside is a little extra cash for unused or disregarded items – kind of like a garage sale.

If you’ve got a closet full of decent clothes you don’t wear and not much time on your hands, consigning your items is one way to score some extra cash.