Democratic Convention: Three Headlines -- and Questions

Three headlines from the Democratic convention Wednesday:

One is the search for unity. Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton pleased Team Obama by telling her supporters that helping Obama win in November is a matter of conscience.

But there are more question marks tonight: The speech by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who has been even angrier than she has over the outcome of the election, and the roll call after Hillary Clinton's name is placed in nomination. Both sides are still working out the choreography to ensure that it helps, not hurts Barack Obama.

The second headline: this swing state of Colorado and what it will take for Obama to snatch it away from Republicans. Colorado's Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter says it won't be blue-collar Hillary Clinton Democrats, but rather independents and moderate Republicans.

But it will be Hillary Clinton Democrats in the industrial Midwest. And if you want to know how important that battleground is, consider the destinations on the post-convention bus tour for Obama and running mate Joe Biden, who addresses the convention tonight. They'll travel to Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.

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