Madame Veep?

Sources tell me that the two finalists for Mac’s veep are Tim Pawlenty and Kay Bailey Hutchison. Obviously, with the Hillary women’s revolt on the floor of the DNC and outside, McCain has a great opportunity if he nominates a woman.

My favorite was Alaska governor Sarah Palin. But she has been compromised by a bogus Alaska legislative investigation. So now all eyes are turning to Senator Hutchison, who has a strong conservative record down through the years. She’s a steady performer who will not be cowed by Joe Biden in the debates. I know her well and I have high respect for her.

This doesn’t mean Governor Pawlenty is out -- it just means that Ms. Hutchison has moved high up on the list. That said, no one knows for sure.

Sources also tell me that Karl Rove and other Bush White House operatives continue to push hard for Romney. But one wag told me there’s a housing problem: Governor Romney has five; Sen. McCain and his wife have seven. That’s a lot of houses for one ticket. But putting sarcasm aside, Governor Romney is a fine person. He would make a very strong vice president.