Stock Picker: Familiar Names, New Opportunities

Fund manager Ted Moore has found some unexpected opportunities for investors in a couple of familiar Wall Street names.

His Fifth Third All-Cap Value Fund is up an average of 7.86 percent per year over the last five years.


His first pick is Viacom.

"We think that their business model is relatively low-risk," he told CNBC. "They've got a lot of content and a lot of subscription revenue, and we think they're built to withstand downturns."

Moore says Viacom's current price is an ideal entry level, and says he's been adding to his fund's position in the stock recently.

He also likes Altria.

"The dividend yield is nice at 6 percent, and they just raised it 10 percent, which, we think, signals confidence, which is a rare quality in today's market," he said. "We think that their competitive risks are very low, that their pricing power is very strong...and that their legal risks are vastly overestimated."


Disclosure information for Ted Moore was not immediately available.