Growth Stocks: A Student's Strategy

Gary Stefanski's school color is orange, but he spends a lot of time looking for green.

He's portfolio manager of the investment club at Syracuse University. The portfolio currently runs about $155,000.

So where does Stefanski's growth-oriented investment strategy direct the club's money?


His first pick is Research In Motion -- a stock which student investment manager Cory Scott of the University of Arkansas told CNBC earlier in the week ought to be shorted.

"The growth that they've shown over the past few quarters is outstanding," Stefanski said. "It's not just for executives any more; people my age and even teenagers are starting to get into the smart phones."

He also likes Monsanto, a stock that's down sharply since late spring.


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"They follow the corn prices a lot," he said of the agricultural-chemicals manufacturer. "We don't like finding a top and then trying to continue a top, we like to see a pullback, and then get something a little bit cheaper."

The energy stock on his list is Conoco Phillips.


Disclosure information for Gary Stefanski was not immediately available.