Reader E-Mails: Sanjaya, Howard Stern, Barbie & Elvis!

Sanjaya Malankar
Sanjaya Malankar


You have to admit, I get the best emails.

First, a reader named "The Family" takes issue with my blog about Nationwide hiring former "American Idol" contestant Sanjaya Malakar for an ad campaign:

"I am personally very insulted and annoyed at your suggestion that Howard Stern kept Sanjaya on the show!!! I beg your pardon, it was voters like myself who loved Sanjaya's voice, saw huge potential in him, above everyone else, as a 'star quality' performer.

"I have met hundreds of Sanjaya fans personally, and none of them were Howard devotees...Tony Bennett, J.Lo...even the first year winner Carrie* thought he should win. Professional opinions!...You obviously missed Larry King. When he interviewed all the finalists he wouldn"t stop talking about Sanjaya and basically ignored the rest...Nationwide fell under the spell Sanjaya cast on all of us with his talent, his humor, his mastery of satire. Sanjaya's innocence is refreshing, his voice is like a young Johnny Mathis or Stevie Wonder. Above all Sanjaya was chosen because he is the Superstar............SANJAYA!!!!"
* (from Jane: you mean Kelly?)

A couple of emails about the Mattel v. MGA trial over the Bratz dolls. As you may have read, the jury came back and awarded Mattel $100 million in damages, less than a tenth of what the company thought it was due. Eventually the judge will decide the final award, and, perhaps more importantly, determine what happens to the Bratz dolls now. Can MGA continue to even manufacture them? I'm told it could be months before that is decided.

In the meantime, Nefertiti J. isn't a Mattel fan:

"I was originally reluctant to purchase Bratz because of the name. I got over the name, and now in my 7 year-old's toy chest Bratz out-do Barbie 10 -1. She has 23 Bratz dolls and three Barbies.

"My position is - Mattel didn't treat their employee right. And that should be the ultimate 'principle'. And they should have realized Barbie needed more than an update. Prince Charming is not gonna ride up on his white horse and save my daughter. She doesn't have blond hair or blue eyes and it ain't gonna happen. Also she probably won't have a 36DD bust size. Bratz are more geared to the multi ethnic kids she is surrounded by. And in each of their movies - they (the Bratz girls) end up saving the day...Mattel should have realized they had a great talent in Mr. Bryant and invested in him and other employees when they had the opportunity...I hope MGA goes public so I can buy a lot of their stock. SHAME ON YOU MATTEL. First LEAD now this idiotic suit."

R. isn't a Mattel fan either:

"Ask yourself why did Bryant go to MGA in the first place? If he was being well paid by virtue of his ideas coming to market with a share of the profits, why would he? After all, there was no certainty of success, his Bratz doll was just an idea and a sketch, why risk upsetting the applecart? My guess is Bryant was on a low salary, and Mattel, not wanting to create an alternative market to their cash cow Barbie, chose not to proceed with Bryant's designs...

"Innovation and imagination is what counts, as JK Rowling proves in spades, and she is reaping her just rewards. If management doesn't recognize talent, and pay to hold onto it, they risk the Pied Piper stealing their children."

On my inside scoop on Vegas from "Elvis" and the MGM Mirage CEO, Ed L. writes:

"Thanks for a great story on Vegas -- Elvis tells the truth. As for the so-called investors from Dubai, look out, boys. Your Dust bowl will blow away as soon as your bubble pops."

Blogger Jason Jepson weighs on on yesterday's post about cowpie art, strange web stores, and the Freddie Mac music video:

"The Freddie Mac YouTube clip - this is the real pain of a down mortgage market. Quick sellers and fast talkers are forced to sell their talents on YouTube, minus the really cool moustache that was a little more than disturbing. This could be presidential campaign fodder. 'I promise to get these kids off YouTube and behind a cubicle America, vote for me!'

" Possibly best use of 'Negative Space' I have ever seen. The concept of using a white cow, eating snow during a white out snow storm to sell bulbs… These are big idea people Jane…let's call it 4.0 - strategy...

"The art: The plane in the cowpie reminds of a story...A bird flew south for the winter but got a late start, hit a storm and froze in mid air plummeting to the earth. A cow came along and dropped a cowpie on the frozen bird. The 'heat' from the freshly made cowpie thawed out the bird. In the bird's joy of being alive, it started to sing as only a happy bird can. A cat came along, cleaned the cowpie off the bird and ate it. Three morals - 1: Just cause someone or something (poops) on you, that does not make them your enemy...2: Just because someone gets you out of (poop), that does not make them your friend, and finally, 3: If you are neck deep in (poop), keep your mouth shut."

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