An Old Alaska Gov Video is New Again

In this business you never know when an old video is going to become an important video. This morning we had a little demonstration of that.

Two interviews with this little known governor of Alaska, one from July and one from June, are suddenly hot items. No doubt folks were trying to get a read on who she was and what she is like. Those two vids, both from Larry Kudlow's show, will no doubt be our top two videos of the day. Who knew? (The July one's below. You can find both here).

If you could know, in advance, you'd have chance to save a lot of time and money. It's not cheap to process and turn a video. One that doesn't get a fair amount of traffic is a money loser. Better to do just the winners. (Corporate number crunchers point that out to me from time to time).

But, obviously, you can't know what's going to be a hit in advance. So here at CNBC — be they guest interviews, packages, roundtable discussions — we do them all. That way, whatever turns out to be important, we have it. Ultimately that helps out you, the reader.

By the way, on the subject of Sarah Palin ... a tip of the hat to John Harwood, CNBC's political correspondent, for being way out in front on it. And for Jerry Bowyer and Kudlow & Co. for noting she was a likely candidate in the first place.