Dow, S&P Down -- But There's Good News

The Dow and S&P were down slightly this week, but there was a lot of good news:

-- oil doesn't rally despite Gustav, Russia

-- economic news more positive

-- financials stabilize

-- dollar maintains strength

The bad news is what could be called the tech problem.


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Remember, in mid-July, traders sold energy & materials, bought tech.

But now Dell says they see "conservatism" in tech spending. Techs were already a tough call on dollar strength, and slower global growth.

Bulls insist this is a Dell specific problem, that there’s no problem with Hewlett-Packard , and that economic data has been strengthening.


-- Dow up 1.5 percent

-- S&P 500 up 1.4 percent

-- Nasdaq up 1.9 percent

CNBC's Guest Blogger:

- Farrell: Is the Bear Bottom Behind Us?


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