Ex-Bear Picks Tech Stocks

Noah Blackstein
Noah Blackstein

After spending the first half of the year as a bear, Noah Blackstein finds himself overcome by optimism. For stock-picking purposes, it's about technology.

"One of my key hesitations this year has been high commodity prices," the Dynamic Mutual Funds portfolio manager told CNBC. "Now that they've come back, I'm quite optimistic, actually, toward the end of the year...the rise of the dollar and the fall of the euro suggest that central bankers, especially in Europe, will be able to ease a little bit more."


What he does like is technology, but even there, he's selective. His list includesApple, Research In Motion, and Juniper Networks.

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He does not like Google, despite the introduction of its Chrome web browser.

"I don't understand the browser, I don't understand Google's smart phones, I don't understand Google apps," he said. "The core is search; I think search has a long way to go to be good, and I think they should be focusing on that."

Blackstein is not ready to join those who say it's finally time to get into financials. He's skeptical of investment in energy and commodities, too.

"There's too much uncertainty in the financials, and there's too much emotion in the commodities and energy," he said.


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