Your E-Mails: The Tanker, VP Tina Fey & Ed McMahon


On the Pentagon moving more slowly than planned in the tanker competition, two emails from two perspectives.

From Kenneth P.:

"I just find it amazing that Boeing is asking for another six months, when both companies had three years to come up with their respective proposals!

"I ask you, Jane, if you ordered a car with no options, bare bones minimum, and when you received it was all pimped out with every option imaginable, wouldn't you accept the car? Of course you would. My point being, Northrop Grumman gave a product that was MUCH more desirable and affordable...Boeing couldn't match it then, and even if they get 6 months more, it's still not enough time to engineer and produce what the AF wants."

From "Jammer":

"If you will recall, Northrop threatened to drop our of the race, and the USAF changed the requirements to appease Northrop. The GAO report discusses that those requirements were never properly analyzed/scrutinized to be valid requirements. The only validated requirement is for a mid-size tanker.

"Given that a requirement for a larger tanker has never been validated, I think that Boeing has a strong case to protest the requirements. There is recent precedent with Lockheed successfully protesting the revised CSAR-X requirements for not being properly validated (The Inspector General is now reviewing that requirements change).

"The other angle that no one has really dug into is the John McCain factor. John pressured the USAF to amend the requirements to keep Northrop in the game...he put himself in the acquisition process...When John McCain hired EADS lobbyists, there was certainly the appearance of impropriety. To verify that there indeed was only the appearance of impropriety and no actual misdeeds, some agency should have conducted an investigation of Mr. McCain's use of these lobbyists. That investigation never happened."

Re my blog that Sarah Palin's Alaska nickname is "Governor Hottie" (along with my note on an "Obama for President" Canada), Jeff J. couldn't help but comment:

"Gov. Palin REALLY looks like Tina Fey. Is there a lot of foreign campaigning? Speaking of billboards, what happens when ads for Obama / Biden and McCain / Fey go up in Baghdad? Which stays intact the longest? I'm still looking for a Ron Paul billboard, anywhere.

Can't Get Enough Alaska Politics?!


"I'll catch flak but can't resist helping Sen. McCain's campaign pick a new slogan:

McCain / Fey '08: Hell yeah, you can tell Bush and me apart - I'm the POW.
- Hey, at least I picked a woman, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah.
- It's the vet that counts.
- Iraq forever, health care never.
- We believe in the American Dream…since I own…how many homes? Seven? Yeah, that sounds right.
- The drill of victory, the agony of the Veep.

Okay, I'm done with politics, will stick to watching upcoming '90210' and 'Sarah Connor Chronicles'. Thanks!"

On the post suggesting that men do consider one thing more important than sex -- staying alive -- Ed T. disagrees!

"I think you got the priorities out of order. And more pictures of 'Fake Jane'. She's hot!"
(FJ responds: "*sigh*.")

Ed. L wrote in after I updated the latest on Ed McMahon's mansion, now back on the market after falling out of escrow:

"You can live in the house for up to 18 months with no payments. Don't you read the stuff on the web...this is the standard with today's REO's. Why not join the deadbeat club...tell Angelo you just can't pay him...I am sure he will understand.

"It has taken CFC 18 months to get rid of a property owner and renters in two properties in our community. CFC has no problem paying all the HOA fees, property taxes, and they also maintain the landscaping for the renters. They are great landlords. The current system is a joke...totally on the side of the party in the property."

Finally, on Kristen Davis' desires to make over Warren Buffett in fall colors, blogger Jason Jepson writes:

"I love this topic. When I was younger I had my colors done - I am an autumn with spring under tones. Winter and summer colors really shut my eyes down and diminish my smile but autumn colors are all about me and really make me beam - yes a dull brown or mustard yellow can make you beam, people."

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