Battling the Big Burger Boys

Andrew Puzder got off the plane only a couple of hours before I sat down to talk to him. Still adjusting to the humidity of the Singapore climate, the CEO was in good spirits. Casually dressed for the interview, you would never have guessed he was a high powered corporate attorney. Puzder admits he never imagined he would end up in the fast food business.

Puzder is real proud of the fact that his burgers are decadent. They're meant for young hungry guys who are not afraid to pack in the calories. If you’re a regular patron of Carl’s Jr., you would know what I mean. Puzder was excited to show me his menu of different burgers and even more excited to get me to try them.

Puzder is now setting his sights on entering China with 100 outlets. It’s a tough market to crack especially when his rivals like Burger King and McDonald’s are well entrenched in the mainland. Unlike his competitors, Puzder is not afraid of using provocative ads to sell his burgers. After all, he was the man who approved the use of a skimpily clad Paris Hilton to sell burgers in the United States. You’ve got to wonder if that would pass the censorship test here in Asia.

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