The Palin Effect: Insiders Weigh in on McCain's VP Pick

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, John McCain's running mate, had the opportunity Wednesday night to introduce herself to the country. CNBC asked the insiders to weigh in on Palin's style and substance.

'Palin Effect' on Oil Prices

“When her nomination to the vice presidential ticket was announced last Friday, it was a surprise to not only Wall Street but also Main Street, and because of that, I don’t believe financial markets really anticipated or discounted her nomination to the vice presidential ticket...We can expect that markets had to then reflect and analyze what her nomination would mean in terms of the implications to energy policy, and she’s obviously interested in opening up ANWR, she would obviously encourage more exploration, production, offshore drilling. I’m not saying McCain will be elected, but the markets have to discount that and get acclimated and get their arms around that.

Charles Campbell, Miller Tabak

Grading Palin’s Speech

“I think she came across as self-assured and confident, and I think she said all the right things. I think she’s either going to be a big success or she’s going to be a problem. I think she got off to a good start last night.”

Lawrence Bossidy, Former Honeywell Chairman & CEO

Palin's Foreign Policy Learning Curve

“She has done very well in what she has been asked to do so far. She has a record as governor that’s very strong, and now she will start on the process of learning the federal issues. Every governor that has run for president, in my memory, has started out very weak, if you will, on foreign policy, but they have of course become familiar with the federal issues. They focus on state issues, now they’re focusing on federal issues. I don’t think this is unusual.”

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, (R) Texas

Palin's Energy Plan

“Well it is an ambitious plan, but it is an 'all of the above' plan. And you have someone who has executive experience in a traditional fuels-producing state who has a unique understanding of our energy needs and frankly unique understanding of how to balance the environmentally sensitive issues that are relevant to a state like Alaska that has a pristine area, with a need to produce more energy in areas that are frankly less pristine like the coastal plain.”

Rep. Adam Putnam, (R) Florida

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