Chrysler's Fall: Could It Go Down To Number 6?

Talk about a quick fall from grace. In just a few short years, Chrysler has gone from being the third largest automaker in the U.S. to falling behind Honda to #5 and in August it almost slipped to #6. In fact, Nissan came within a few thousand vehicles of passing Chrysler in sales last month.

Much of Chryslers slump can be blamed on the fact trucks and SUVs have fallen out of favor because of high gas prices. And since Chrysler has the greatest exposure (percentage wise) to the so-called "gas-guzzlers" among the Big 3, it's suffering big time.

But could Chrysler actually fall to #6 in the U.S.?

Not anytime soon. While Nissan's sales surged in August, year to date it is still well behind Chrysler. And while Nissan's car sales are growing it has a ways to go before they can pass Chrysler.

Still, August is a sobering reminder of just how far Chrysler has fallen.

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