CW Network Clicking But For How Long?

The CW
The CW

Time Warner and CBS must be relieved that their joint venture, the CW, seems to be finally clicking. The teen-oriented network's new take on "90210" drew about 4.7 million viewers Tuesday night.

Perhaps most importantly, the CW drew its largest audience ever for a scripted show among 18 to 34 year-old women, and certainly the largest in the night in that age group. In fact this is the only night the CW has won that demographic since launching two years ago.

This follows on the success of "Gossip Girl", which debuted its second season premiere Monday, attracting 1.1. million female viewers in that 18 to 34 year-old age group, which is a third more than last year's season average (that and all these numbers are from Nielsen).

The big question now is how will these shows hold up next week and the following? Sure, pure curiosity is driving a lot of people to tune in to check out the new offerings. But the real test will be whether viewers tune in week after week once the novelty has worn off. I was pleasantly surprised by the "90210" premiere, and I have a feeling so were many viewers. Now let's see what shows earn a full season pass.

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