Wednesday's Viewer Favorite: The S3 Pooper Scooper

By Mike Thomann, DVM
Creator, S3 Pooper Scooper
Wow-what a whirlwind and great experience to be on the Big Idea Show ! Just 48 hours ago The Big Idea called me and asked if I could overnight my S3 Lighted Pooper Scooper invention,


and shoot a 30 sec. segment the next morning. I of course dropped everything and got busy sending out packages, e-mailing all my marketing materials, and working on my 30 second infomercial.

The production team was great-working on the segment all day, and even called me @ 10pm to give me the final details of the shoot. So the next day I arrived at the studio where they sat me in a chair and pointed a camera at me (and even gave me a make-up artist). I sat anxiously for 2 hours as they kept pushing my segment back. Then with a quick warning in my ear piece I heard Donny saying “OK you got 30 seconds”.

30 seconds for 3 years of work… not an easy task! But I did my best, and just beat the buzzer without goofing up too badly as being on TV was all new to me! Then came the judging by the panel---in which I feel never had to actually clean up after a dog. Some of the comments like “I want to use it like a bat”, or “ I would rather use my dust buster” did not even make sense!??

The S3 is the “Dyson of Pooper scoopers”, and was designed to be the easiest and fastest way to clean up after your dog while at Home or in the yard! As a Veterinarian you know I am an expert in this area!!!! With the opposable (built-in) spaded scoop ends & holding compartment, it makes it a breeze to pick up poop-especially in tall grass, gravel, snow, or uneven surfaces in which most of us have. Just try it up against the rake & pan, heavy shovel, or spring loaded contraption and you will become a S3 Lighted Pooper scooper believer! The S3 is also “Green Friendly”, lightweight, lighted (for night time walks and late night p/u), easy to clean, self contained, and can be used while camping/RVing or walking.

And Kudos to you Donny, as you were the only one that understood the uniqueness and innovativeness of how the S3 solves a difficult and smelly problem!

We hope to get into major retailers soon and/or get a licensing deal. We also plan on making 2 different sizes as we know dogs come in all sizes; and different colors will also be available!

What a day! And we hope for the “Big Idea Effect” soon !!!

Dr. Mike Thomann DVM
p.s. Thank you Big Idea!