Nothing About New Cars Excites You? Are You Kidding?


Here's one to ponder: What excites you about cars/trucks/SUVs today?

I ask this because a friend of mine said something the other day that surprised me. He said nothing, and I mean nothing, gets him stoked about the latest models out on the road right now. I suspect it's because he is like many other people and is tired of seeing cars touted for their fuel efficiency more than anything else.

His comment made me wonder how many of you are out there feeling the same way? Personally, I am fascinated by the next generation of alternative powered cars like Honda's hydrogen powered FCX Clarity or the new Chevy Volt. We are on the cusp of an era where what and how we drive will change dramatically.

And yet, old fashion, ass-kicking power and performance you get climbing into Nissan'sGT-R or a Bullit version of Ford's Mustang still gets me stoked. Nothing beats the feeling of unleashing the horses on a gorgeous summer day.

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What about the latest technology and gadgets in cars? From camera's in the bumper to entertainment systems that keep the whole family happy on long trips, you have to admit that getting from here to there is more enjoyable.

So tell me, what excites you today? Send me an e-mail and let me know:

And go Tigers!

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