Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady On Pay And "Secrecy"

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

As part of our special at Gillette Stadium, we interviewed Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and wideout Randy Moss. Brady, in particular, had some interesting things to say.

When asked if he expected to get paid more if more regular season games are added: "I think everyone is always concerned with growing revenues. Players are always concerned. You want a part of it. The NFL makes more, it's a way for us to make more. In our collective bargaining agreement, that's what we negotiate -- the more revenues, the more for the players, the more for the owners, the bigger piece of the pie there is for everybody."

When asked about critics who say the Patriots protect information: "I think the importance for our team is to worry about what our job is. There's rules and restrictions that all teams in the the NFL have to abide by. I think injuries are one of them. You can ask every question you want. It doesn't mean I have to answer it. I want to answer it as honestly as possible without losing our competitive advantage. So if somebody is nicked up or bruised up, I don't want the other team knowing that. I want us to -- if someone knows that I've got a bad foot, who knows what they're going to do. I know, if I knew a cornerback had a bad ankle, I know what I'd be doing. So I think it's best for our team and it has been a policy of our team to abide by the rules, abide by the restrictions of the league. But, at the same time, understand that for all the information we're giving up, at some point, we lose a little bit of our competitive advantage."

Video: All fired up and getting ready for gameday, with Tom Brady, New England Patriots quarterback; Randy Moss, New England Patriots wide receiver and Robert Kraft, Patriots owner.

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