Today's Top Videos: McCain, The Patriots & More...

John McCain becomes the official Republican presidential nominee while strategists tell investors to take advantage of the gloomy economy by buying the market. Following are today's top videos:

John McCain Accepts Nomination

“When I talked to political professionals in both parties, I’ve got to say, they believe the Democratic National Conventions was more successful for a couple of reasons. First of all, they had four nights, not three, the Republicans lost one to Gustav…”

—John Harwood, CNBC Business News

The Brady-Moss Connection

“If [Tom Brady and Randy Moss] ask for advice, I’m happy to try to help. It’s important to us that key guys like these become great successes when they leave here. That they be independent financially and that they contribute well to the things they’re involved with…”

—Robert Kraft, Patriots Owner

Buy the Bear

“Buy the market! You said embrace the fear—It’s the toughest thing for investors to do but for those of use who are trying to get from point A to B, meaning retirement over a number of years, absolutely! Bear markets have presented terrific buying opportunities, this bear market will prove to be no different.”

—Fritz Meyer, Market Strategist, Invesco AIM

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

“When you’re in a hedge fund business and you get redemptions, you have to send the money back on the fifth business day. Think about it: you saw a lot of the names bottom today because the margining is done. But it doesn’t mean that we aren’t fundamentally in trouble.”

—Jim Cramer, CNBC’s Mad Money

Maria's Market Message

“Consumer credit could set the tone for trading on Monday, but it was news on the unemployment front that really pressured stocks on Friday."

—Trish Regan, sitting in for Maria Bartiromo, CNBC’s Closing Bell