Michael Moore's New Film "Slacker Uprising": Download It Free

Michael Moore
Michael Moore

Michael Moore's documentaries have shattered all sorts of records and brought in hundreds of millions of dollars at the worldwide box office.

Surely his next film could also make him (as well as a distributing movie studio) some serious cash.

But today Moore announced he's releasing "Slacker Uprising", his newest film, for free, online. On September 23 you'll be able to download the 97 minute-long film for free from the movie's website, www.slackeruprising.com.

It'll be free for three weeks and then you'll have to buy the movie on DVD (though it'll be cheaper than a regular film).

Moore has an agenda; to convince non-voting "slackers" to head to the polls this election. And he has some support, the download distributed by Brave New Films, the production company run by political activist Robert Greenwald.

The movie tracks Moore's cross-country tour to swing states during the last presidential campaign, to convince non-voting "slackers" to head to the polls. He handed out a clean change of underwear and free Ramen noodles, and it worked. Moore packed auditoriums and now he's trying to share that excitement.

Films often have a political message and try to rally young people around a cause. But usually they also try to make money, if only to cover their costs. But needless to say, Michael Moore isn't part of the Hollywood establishment. I just wonder if you're not selling tickets, if people will, en masse, want to watch. We'll see. The fact that he's giving it away it a curious one, it may even entice me to download a few minutes.

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