Monday's Viewer Favorite: Mini Me's Books

By Sheri Allain
Creator, Mini Me's Books
Wow! How cool was that. Our first 30 seconds of fame on national TV. Despite my sudden lisp


& sad imitation of an electrocuted dummy, Mini Me's Books (aka Mini Me Books) was voted a Million Dollar Idea by 3 of the 4 panelists, including Donny himself.

Even cooler: Sara Blakely of Spanx fame had purchased a book a few weeks prior.

But the really awesome news came from the viewers: Donny's web producer told us that a RECORD number of votes were recorded (+ 1,700) -- of which Mini Me's Books had a whopping 70% of the vote!

It's a thrill knowing that people like our photo-personalized book for kids. The Octopus Book lets you include your child's name and photo into the book - magically transforming your child into the star of the story. Photos of one or two adults, such as parents or caregivers, may also be included in this charming story about the adventures of the Octopus family.

I wrote the book while on maternity leave with my baby daughter (i.e. in between feedings, diaper changes and while sleep deprived!). I really wanted to combine a family-positive story with our favorite family photos. We worked really hard to make Mini Me's different; it's the

- 1st personalized story book in North America to include photos of child and adults
- 1st personalized story book in the world to let you choose from 3 options:

1. Personalized Text only
2. Add Child's photo
3. Add 1 or 2 adults' photos

- 1st personalized book to be hand-made in Canada on eco-friendly paper (FSC-certified)

My daughter just started daycare, and she takes her book to school with her. It's so funny watching her kiss the pictures on the cover of the book! I still can't believe that our little website just launched 60 days ago. It's already been an awesome experience - especially our 30 seconds of fame!

Thanks, Donny & the Big Idea Team!!

Mom, Author, & Mom-preneur
Mini Me's Books