GM Volt Images "Leaked" As The Countdown Begins

New Chevy Volt
New Chevy Volt

Did you see pictures of the GM's new electric car, the Chevy Volt? They were out on the web yesterday, but only for a brief time.

Call it a accidental or intentional leak, it doesn't matter. The fact is the Volt show is about to start. The question is what kind of early reaction the public will give the car.

Remember when GMfirst showed a prototype of the car at the 2006 Detroit auto show? It was futuristic, edgy and cool. It was also an aerodynamic failure in the wind tunnel. So the new Volt will look more like a traditional sedan.

Already I've read some blog comments saying the Volt looks "boring" and "too much like a Toyota Prius." While the Volt's design is more conventional, the public forgets that there is a reason for that "softer", "less edgy" design. It's all about reducing wind drag, which is crucial in an electric car that needs to get as many miles per charge as possible.

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So when GM shows the Volt in the near future, there will be howls from those who think is not "sexy enough." For GM, that's the price to be paid for building an aerodynamic car. So be it. The idea here is fuel economy. And as the Prius has shown us, sometimes the quirky-ish and unusual look can attract fans.

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