Get Ready for the Last Bang

Achtung! Attention! Attenzione! -- TIME's UP!

...well, maybe.

Or haven't you heard of the "Big Bang" re-enactment? The Bang to end it all?

Well, here goes: Tomorrow in Switzerland, the scientists of European Organisation for Nuclear Research, better known as CERN, are preparing to start a small-scale re-enactment of the "Big Bang" that created the universe (or some are claiming the end of the world!).

It´s supposedly going to be generating conditions that have only previously existed in the microseconds after the Big Bang. One of them -- I don't know which -- commented that it's "the most extreme historical re-enactment society ever." Yeah. Right.

But just in case they are: I, for one, am making contingency plans.

Carpe Diem! Seize the (last) day -- so to speak.

Drat! Where was that list of things to do once in a lifetime?

- Swimming with dolphins? -- Too late.

- Make love in the gardens of the Taj? -- Hmm, maybe in another lifetime.

- Make a stranger happy? -- Could try for that one.

But maybe I'll just grab a good bottle of my favourite Chianti, have some of my all-time favorite records (yes, I am from a time before MP3 players) handy... and hope for a decent sunset.

And if there is another dawn: Well, nothing lost, eh?

Better be safe than sorry.

Ciao for now. And hope to see you on the other side of that "Big Bang" ... to write another blog.

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