The Business Of Adult Toys


Man, I learn something new every day.

Into the Outlook this afternoon came a press release promoting the newest, hottest adult toy. It's called the "We-Vibe," just launched in the U.S. this summer and now going global! The product was recently voted "Top Toy of the Year" by "Talk Sex with Sue Johanson" (a Canadian Dr. Ruth).

The We-Vibe is -- how do I put this -- a device that's small and discreet so it can be used, well, anywhere, and by more than one person. Hence the "wee" (small) and the "we" (two times the fun!) in We-Vibe. It ain't cheap: $129-$159; but apparently people will pay. The Times of India reports the global adult toy business is $15 billion and growing 30 percent a year. Really? Those numbers are hard to swallow.

You're going to have to search for the We-Vibe Web site yourself, as this is a family blog. Readers who remain confused might check out the tutorial on YouTube from "Shannon," an "educator" (it's not what you think, but still, not for kids). Like I said, I learn something new every day.


Last week I blogged about new scientific research showing that unfaithful men might be genetically made that way. I mentioned a female researcher using the word "whilst." Sally writes:

"Whilst? I bet she's British; that's common usage there. As a copy editor of scientific papers, I regularly changed it to 'while' for American journals. IS there a survey as to what portion of the female population has the same genetic variant against monogamy? A nonpaternalistic society would want to know."

Sally, whilst I was doing my research, I found there no such survey on the genes of straying women -- though such gals might consider a We-Vibe as an alternative.

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