Value of an Apple Product Launch

In the past four years, shares of Apple Inc. have gained an average of 42.52% from September, when the company unveils new products ahead of the holiday season, to December.

Looking at the historical data during this period for the past ten years, Apple's shares had its best percentage gain in 2004, when the company's shares soared 76%.

In contrast, the worst percentage decrease for Apple's shares in the past ten years was in 2000, after the "dot-com bubble" burst, and the company's shares dropped by 73%.

In his blog, Tech Check, CNBC's Jim Goldman has been extensively covering the various aspects that Apple faces this year. As the company releases new products on its iPod line, software improvements, among other upgrades; some analysts continue to raise concerns over Mr. Job's health, and the possible impact on the company.

So far this year, Apple's shares are down by 23.42%, but if the past few years are any indication, the odds could be in Apple's favor.

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