K-Fine in '09: The Energy Plan


Forget Obama and McCain. If the Fast Money traders could have their way, Karen Finerman would be taking the oath of office in January.

And as far as we can tell, she wouldn’t be half bad. In fact, Fast Money has obtained an exclusive first look at the opening paragraph of Finerman’s first speech, if (when) she ever declares her candidacy. It follows:

My fellow Americans: are you really ready for change? Forget empty promises from the left and the right - the blue and the red. It's time to start putting your vote with the only color that matters: Green! (as in the color of money.)

My first method of putting more cash back in your wallet is to eliminate ethanol. Lots of players are blamed for the surging prices of fuel and food from Wall Street speculators to Saudi oil ministers. But the real culprit here is Capitol Hill.

By mandating that a big portion of the corn crop be funneled into your gas tank, the government is raising both your food and fuel bills. What's more...the billions spent to develop and distribute ethanol is leaving America behind in the space-race for more viable alternatives.

Now is the time to take action. Eliminate the ethanol boondoggle. Get Washington out of your wallet. Vote for K-Fine in '09.

Okay, so we’re having a little fun. But Finerman really thinks that whomever wins the White House will come to realize that ethanol isn’t a viable energy alternative.

And Pete Najarian know’s how to trade it.

Money is flowing out of solar and energy right now he says. Look at the alternative energy names such as Cypress Semiconductor or Energy Conversion Devices, but not quite yet.

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