Monday's Viewer Favorite: Bibs and Match

By Molly Chen
Creator, Bibs and Match
I feel so overwhelmed by the support and viewer responses. The whole “going on National TV” experience has been so exciting. And to have “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” as my first

appearance, it’s a dream come true!

It was a frantic weekend preparing for the 30-second pitch, which was a learning experience in itself. I must have done 20 drafts and practiced over a hundred times in just 2 days for this 30-second of a lifetime “opportunity”. I really wasn’t letting anything to chance. If I looked overly excited, that’s because the producer was telling me “okay, Molly, you’re on, lots of energy, okay?”

As I started Bibs and Match a year ago, I watched “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” every night. It not only was an inspiration for me, but the guest entrepreneurs gave invaluable tips and tricks of the trade that I actually used.

I’ve had this idea ever since I had my first baby but I was nervous so I waited. After my second child was born and going through all the bibs, I realized I needed a safer alternative. So I was on my way, never really realizing I was going to be an entrepreneur, or mom-preneur as my friends called me.

Since I’ve started marketing the product, I’ve had parents tell me how wonderful it is - all the time. People buy them as unique gifts for baby showers for new moms and even mothers of 3 or 4 would tell me that they wished this product was around when their babies were young. Now, with the launch of the organic cotton line, the eco-friendly baby retailers’ and green-moms alike are demanding it.

Back to the show, I was so happy to hear that all three judges think Bibs and Match is a million dollar idea. It helps that they have children so they were able to identify with my frustrations of the common bib and the problems that Bibs and Match solves. The feedback about packaging is great; I’m going to improve it. The judges really know their stuff.

I’m just so thrilled to be voted the Big Idea and a Million-Dollar-Idea at that. I can’t thank the Big Idea team enough; it’s such a great show. I hope to come back on in the near future as a huge success story!

Thanks again Donny and the Big Idea Team.


Bibs and Match