Warren Buffett, Jack Welch Throw "Rich" First Pitch At Fenway

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett

Yesterday, I was at Fenway Park to witness what was very likely the richest ceremonial first pitch in sports history as Warren Buffett threw out the first pitch at the Red Sox-Rays game to Jack Welch.

Buffett toured Fenway wearing a his standard 1/16th jersey--since it was the lowest fraction of a share that could have been traded.

I spoke with both men before and after the pitch.

Darren: What pitch should we expect to see?

Buffett: My best pitch is, and you have to see it to really understand, is what's called a premature sinker. Sometimes it sinks three or feet out there. I've been checking the gravitational pull out here and it may be that I will have a little trouble with that but I'll throw what Jack calls he's the boss...the secret of life is low expectations so just remember that.

Darren: You've thrown first pitches at Omaha Royals games (the team he co-owns) and at Royals games. How does Fenway Park sound.

Buffett: I'm pumped. There's no question. Working with Jack Welch at Fenway Park -- it doesn't get much better than that.

Welch: And you're ready.

Buffett: I've been ready for decades.

Darren: I see you are loyal to your friends. You are wearing a pair of LeBrons tonight?

Buffett: Actually I had another pair of shoes that were too small, so I borrowed them from a friend. But they are Lebrons.

Darren: Did your athlete friends give you any advice on this?

Buffett: Stay in the office actually. But I pay no attention to them.

Darren: Would you invest in your first pitch?

Buffett: Can you go short? I think Jack has already sold it short. All I want you to remember is, for any reason, the ball ends up behind him, it's not a wild pitch it's a passed ball

Darren: Jack, what's with this glove (it's a standard non-specific mitt)? Are you going to have a catchers mitt?

Welch: No, no. I got this one I've been practicing with it all week

Darren: Wider target?

Welch: Wider target and I've been practicing with it.

Buffett throws what can be called a perfect strike.

Buffett: Notice the way he called the right pitch.

Welch: Well, he shook me off twice.

Buffett: I shook him off twice but in the end.

Welch: Well, I wanted a slider but he wouldn't do it.

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