GM's "Facts And Fiction" Only Goes So Far To Help Automaker

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Almost every day I get an e-mail from someone that says something along these lines: Why doesn't GM build better quality cars?

I regularly tell the person sending the message that GMhas made huge strides in quality, the latest models have interiors every bit as good as the competition, and even independent firms like Consumer Reports and J.D. Power give GM vehicles higher marks. This often leads to an e-mail reply saying I'm full of ¤!&€!, making up lies, or that I'm on the take to promote GM because it advertises on NBC. Welcome to my own private "Groundhog Day."

So when I saw that GM has started a web site called "Facts And Fiction"to take on questions/rumors/mis-interpretations about the company or its vehicles I found it intriguing. Here is an automaker trying to reach buyers and owners to close the perception gap surrounding the brands. If GM is ever going to stop its slide, it has to not only build better vehicles but also convince the public they are better.

The web site is a nice start, but GM needs more. What buyers crave is the kind of blunt comments and honesty from executives that tells the world, "Yes, you're right, we can do better." Bob Lutz is a perfect example. In our documentary, "Saving GM" Lutz said straight up on camera that GM dropped the ball a few years back when it comes to quality.

Every time that documentary airs on CNBC I get tons of e-mails from people saying, "Thank god someone in that company gets it." Many of those people go on to say they would be more willing to consider a Chevy, Cadillac, etc. knowing someone like Lutz is standing up and saying, "We ARE better and ready to go toe to toe with any other automaker."

"Fact or Fiction" is a nice start in changing perceptions, but if GM really wants the web site to work in winning over the public, it has to dish out the honest, and sometimes painful, truth about the automaker.

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