Ed McMahon's House: Is He In? Out? Friday Deadline Looms

The Beverly Hills Courier will be publishing the foreclosure notice for Ed McMahon's mansion this Friday. We don't know when he has to vacate the premises.

This as another person has come forward claiming to be helping McMahon stay in his home. Robert Lee of Foreclosure Trackers says he has reached an agreement with the "Tonight Show" veteran to buy the mortgage to McMahon's house and let him stay there.

Once again, not so fast. McMahon's rep, Howard Bragman, says there is no deal.

Countrywide, which owns the $4.8 million mortgage McMahon defaulted on, also says there is no deal. "Countrywide has been working with McMahon in the hope that we can reach a satisfactory resolution of their situation, as we have with other borrowers facing financial difficulties," says the mortgage company. "With regards to third parties that are proposing a solution, we will consider a resolution that recognizes the fair market value of the property."

Sounds to me like Countrywide isn't being offered nearly enough money to make this all go away.

But if you go to Robert Lee's website there are pictures of Lee and McMahon and the following: "ED McMAHON FORECLOSURE UPDATE! Lee and McMahon are working a deal and now it's up to Countrywide to sign on the dotted line. Lee's allowing the McMahons to stay in the home with a possibility of...."

And then, in mid-sentence, you have to click for more information. But once you click to make the jump, you read: "Get Story Now!" and you have to enter an email address.

Ok, we bit.

The "full story" says that Lee, a foreclosure specialist, has been watching the McMahon saga from afar. “Enough is enough,” Lee says. “We’re stepping forward with a real solution.”

The solution is to buy the mortgage, not the house, which Lee claims allows him to modify the terms in such a way that McMahon and his wife can continue living there.

What does Donald Trump think about this? As you'll recall,Trump has also offered to help keep McMahon in his home (and has also claimed a deal was done when, in fact, it wasn't). Michael Cohen, Executive Vice President and Special Counsel to Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, says, "I have spoken to Foreclosure Trackers and Mr. (Robert) Lee. Foreclosure Trackers does not purchase homes. They purchase loans. Whether Mr. Trump purchases the home or 'the loan' will ultimately be determined in the near future. Either way, Mr. Trump remains committed to helping Ed McMahon in these times of trouble."

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